Pteragogus pelycus(Quoy & Gaimard,1827)

Quoy & Gaimard,1827
Ecofunctional Group:
Demersal Fish
First Mediterranean Sighting:
First Mediterranean Ciatation:
Golani et al., 2008: Israel
Invasive Characteristic:
Donor Area:
Corridor: Suez Canal, ,
Image not Avialble
Cossyphus opercularis, Cossyphus opercularis, Pteragogus opercularis, Pteragogus opercularis,
Kingdom : Animalia, Phylum : Chordata, Class : Actinopterygii, Order : Perciformes, Family : Labridae,
Country Regional Sea First Area Sighting Area Success Type MSFD First Area Citation contribution latitude longitude
Egypt Levantine 1999 casual East Mediterranean Gamee, 2005
Greece Aegean Sea 1992 established East Mediterranean Corsini-Foka & Economidis, 1999
Israel Levantine 1991 established East Mediterranean Golani & Sonin, 1992
Lebanon Levantine 1999 established East Mediterranean Harmelin-Vivien et al., 2005
Turkey Aegean Sea 2002 established East Mediterranean Ogretmen et al., 2005
Turkey Levantine 1998 established East Mediterranean Taskavak et al., 2000
Cyprus Levantine 1997 established East Mediterranean Kaya et al., 2000

Distribution Map
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