Upeneus pori(Ben-Tuvia & Golani, 1989)

Ben-Tuvia & Golani, 1989
Ecofunctional Group:
Demersal Fish
First Mediterranean Sighting:
First Mediterranean Ciatation:
Krapp & Sconfietti,1983: Italy
Invasive Characteristic:
Donor Area:
Corridor: Suez Canal, ,
Image not Avialble
Upeneus asymmetricus, Upenoides tragula,
Kingdom : Animalia, Phylum : Chordata, Class : Actinopterygii, Order : Perciformes, Family : Mullidae,
Country Regional Sea First Area Sighting Area Success Type MSFD First Area Citation contribution latitude longitude
Egypt Levantine 1972 established East Mediterranean Bayoumi, 1972
Greece Aegean Sea 2003 established East Mediterranean Corsini-Foka et al., 2005
Israel Levantine 1953 established East Mediterranean Ben Tuvia, 1953a
Lebanon Levantine 1962 established East Mediterranean George & Athansassiou, 1966
Libya Libyan Sea 1994 established Central Mediterranean Shakman & Kinzelbach, 2007b
Syria Levantine <1995 established East Mediterranean Sbaihi & Saad, 1995
Tunisia unknown 2003 casual Central Mediterranean Ben Souissi et al., 2005
Turkey Aegean Sea 2000 established East Mediterranean Akyol et al., 2006
Turkey Levantine 1942 established East Mediterranean Kosswig, 1950
Cyprus Levantine 2004 established East Mediterranean Tzomos et al., 2007

Distribution Map
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