Saurida undosquamis((Richardson, 1848))

(Richardson, 1848)
Ecofunctional Group:
Demersal Fish
First Mediterranean Sighting:
First Mediterranean Ciatation:
Ben Tuvia, 1955: Israel
Invasive Characteristic:
Donor Area:
Corridor: Suez Canal, ,
Image not Avialble
Saurus undosquamis,
Kingdom : Animalia, Phylum : Chordata, Class : Actinopterygii, Order : Aulopiformes, Family : Synodontidae,
Country Regional Sea First Area Sighting Area Success Type MSFD First Area Citation contribution latitude longitude
Albania Adriatic 1995 casual Adriatic Rakaj, 1995
Egypt Levantine 1965 established East Mediterranean El Zarka & Koura, 1965
Greece Aegean Sea 1971 established East Mediterranean Ondrias, 1971
Greece Ionian Sea 1990 established Central Mediterranean Tsimenidis et al., 1991
Israel Levantine 1952 established East Mediterranean Ben Tuvia, 1953a
Italy unknown 1970s casual Central Mediterranean Castriota et al., 2009
Lebanon Levantine 1962 established East Mediterranean George & Athanassiou, 1966
Libya Libyan Sea 1982 established Central Mediterranean Zupanovic & El-Bini, 1982
Syria Levantine 1976 established East Mediterranean Anon, 1976
Tunisia unknown 2004 casual Central Mediterranean Ben Souissi et al., 2005
Turkey Aegean Sea 1973 established East Mediterranean Ben Tuvia, 1973
Turkey Levantine 1951 established East Mediterranean Ben Tuvia, 1966
Cyprus Levantine 1960 established East Mediterranean Ben Tuvia, 1962

Distribution Map
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