Apogonichthyoides pharaonis((Bellotti, 1874))

(Bellotti, 1874)
Ecofunctional Group:
Demersal Fish
First Mediterranean Sighting:
First Mediterranean Ciatation:
Haas, 1942 in Por, 1978
Invasive Characteristic:
Donor Area:
Corridor: Suez Canal, ,
Image not Avialble
Apogon nigripinnis, Apogon pharaonis, Apogon suezii, Apogon taeniatus (misidentification), Prionospio pygmaea,
Kingdom : Animalia, Phylum : Chordata, Class : Actinopterygii, Order : Perciformes, Family : Apogonidae,
Country Regional Sea First Area Sighting Area Success Type MSFD First Area Citation contribution latitude longitude
Egypt Levantine 1994 established East Mediterranean Rizkalla, 1997
Greece Aegean Sea 1982 established East Mediterranean Zachariou-Mamalinga, 1990
Israel Levantine <1946 established East Mediterranean Haas & Steinitz, 1947
Lebanon Levantine 1962 established East Mediterranean Harmelin-Vivien et al., 2005
Palestine Authority Levantine unknown East Mediterranean Haas & Steinitz, 1947
Syria Levantine 1992 established East Mediterranean Sbaihi & Saad, 1992a
Turkey Aegean Sea 2002 established East Mediterranean Oz et al., 2007
Turkey Levantine 1984 established East Mediterranean Mater. & Kaya, 1987
Cyprus Levantine 1964 established East Mediterranean Demetropoulos & Neocleus, 1969

Distribution Map
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